MIDI in Arduino IDE

Hi Guys - we’re having real trouble getting a simple MIDI sketch in Arduino. All Daisy libraries are downloaded, is there a simple MIDI code example, both USB-MIDI and through hardware? This is easy to do through the Teensy we were using.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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@cAPSLOCK welcome to the forum!

We just revamped all of our Arduino support which you can read about in this post.

We’re now jumping on to the MIDI examples. Stay tuned, we should have them up soon!

Ok - please let me know when you have MIDI examples, it’s a nightmare to build myself.

Will there be a USB - MIDI example/library?

Where can I find some midi examples for seed ? Thanks

@cAPSLOCK @Cilem

The first Arduino MIDI example is live!

You can find it here.

MIDI examples require the FortySevenEffects MIDI Library. This library can be installed within the Arduino Library Manager.

Many thanks for this. Any word on when USB MIDI might be forthcoming?


We are actively working on this.

Hoping to have it up in the next week or two.


How did you hook up a midi device / sequencer to the Daisy?

You can use a Type-A TRS midi converter/cable to connect from standard DIN or other devices with that type of connector.

USB support is still forthcoming, but is one of the two things we’re going to be working on adding to our Arduino support next. Hope that helps!

Pod, Patch and Field have TRS MIDI inputs.