Looking for SW3 and/or Toggle on Field?

Just getting started with my Field. I’ve uploaded the KeyboardTest example, and it works great. But I notice the README makes reference to a “SW3” (to toggle reverb on and off). I can’t for the life of me find it!

I also noticed the product info page for the Field says it has “ x2 Buttons, and x1 Toggle Switch” Is it this toggle switch I’m overlooking? Can anyone point me to it?

Sure, there’s an invisible switch right there. You just have to concentrate real hard to toggle it. If it doesn’t work like that, it’s just leftover text from older revision that was redesigned during Kickstart (and generally improved greatly). Here’s how Field prototype used to look:

The switch was under the SD card. There’s no support for the switch in current version of patch, just some obsolete documentation.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
It looks like there is indeed some obsolete documentation. We will get this updated ASAP.

Sorry for the confusion!