Line out level peak/peak approx. 0.2V?

Test with the DaisyPod Example “SimpleOscillator”.
I measure the signal at the line out outputs of the DaisyPod with an oscilloscope.
Probe 10:1, corrected with 10x on the oscilloscope.

However, I only measure max. 0.1V or min. -0.1V. Is that correct?
According to Wiki, +/-0.45V is to be expected at -10dBV.
In the program, the amplitude is fixed at 1.0f.

As a check, I repeated the measurement with another oscilloscope - with the same result.

What am I doing wrong, or where is my error in thinking?

These outputs are not -10dBV.
See the Daisy Seed datasheet. Pod audio outputs are directly connected to Daisy Seed.

Yes, you are right, datasheet pin 18/19 with 1Vrms. I think I need to take a closer look with this information. Anyway, I tested the pod with audioequipment and it works great! And thanks for the hint, tele_player.