Libdaisy MidiHandler: specifying a MIDI channel

I’m new. To Daisy and C++, so apologies if the answer to this question is immediately obvious to others here! I’ve checked the docs, and looked for any issues relevant to this but I can’t see anything that answers my question.

Does the MidiHandler have any current (or planned) implementation for listening to a single midi channel? I can see the options to initialise with different input modes (UART or USB) but nothing to specify a midi channel?

I ask since I’ve loaded the midi example onto my field, and I’m making some simple edits to learn about the libraries. From initial testing it seems to be responding to midi on all channels. I’m sure it could be my set up (running midi from ableton via MIDI-TRS cable), but even still, the ability to move the channel would be good given my plans to include the daisy in a busy midi liveset setup!

I’d be keen to have a go at implementing an option to set or change the midi channel as away of learning how it works but if the functionality exists or is planned then that would also be great!

Thanks for making such a cool project!


There’s no such feature as “listening to a channel” as MIDI protocol itself. Your device receives all the data, parses it to MIDI objects that are easier to process and passes them to your callback function. Then you code can do something with them or ignore based on message contents - which includes channel number. So it’s up to you to filter messages in your patch as you wish.

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cool, thanks! The filtering midi data to a specific channel is what I mean - and yeah I guess it could just as easily live in my patch.

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