Is it possible to retrieve code from Daisy Seed?

So admittedly I was stupid when I decided not to upload an old uni project to github thinking I’d never need it again. Turns out, I do need the code but I have lost the code together with an old ssd.

Is there any way I can retrieve the code from my daisy seed? It is still flashed on there and I do have a stlink v3 if that is helpful.

Thank you for any suggestions!

It’s possible to read firmware binary from the flash using OpenOCD, I think that would be done with the “flash read_bank” command.

An easier approach would be to use dfu-util -U, then you wouldn’t even have to use ST-Link.


You can retrieve the binary-object code as @antisvin described. If you are actually looking to get the source code back, that is quite difficult - there are ‘disasemblers’ and ‘decompilers’ that can help with recovering lost source code, but often you just have to recreate it the best you can from memory.