How to increase freq of MCU to 480MHz?

How do I raise the MCU frequency to 480MHz?

Can I just change

    void Defaults()
        cpu_freq   = SysClkFreq::FREQ_400MHZ;
        use_dcache = true;
        use_icache = true;

to FREQ_480MHZ in


and it will work?

I am curious what these extra 80/400 % clock cycles will mean for my code (specifically, more running oscillators)! :slight_smile:

Will that introduce any problems with DaisySP and/or libdaisy, timing issues etc?

There’s no need to edit libdaisy sources. The proper way to use it is by setting boost = true when you init the board in your patch:

Yup, 20% more oscillators at your service. I’m not aware of anyone running into problems from running it on 480Mhz, but that would obviously increase power dissipation to some extent.

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Thank you for your quick answer, @antisvin! (Somehow I knew that you would be the first to anwer this. :slight_smile: )

Seems very simple, I’ll try it right away! :+1:

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This worked fine! :+1:

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