FEATURE REQUEST to relieve frustrations

Hi Electro-Smith guys !

Here is a feature request from one of your users :

Since a month that I ve received my pod I am going from frustrations to disappointments… and not counting hours lost on setting, as opposed to using and enjoying.

I am for sure no guru, but still an IT guy, ( though in other domains )

But… I fought to get VScode debugging, now I’m struggling to get Oopsy working…

Of course there’s always an explanation and a solution, thanks to your kind forum contributions, or googling hours…

Going to the point :

Could you not publish a FULLY loaded self sufficient virtual machine where
a reasonable set of tools would be working "out of the box " ?!

with kind regards from Switzerland,

PS: VirtualBox is free, and runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Solaris …


@jproqui sorry you’ve been struggling to get up and running. I’m definitely open to us adding a VM with stuff that should work out of the box. That said, I don’t know if that would be able to work with oopsy. Since oopsy would be running in the host OS. That said I don’t have much experience with virtualbox so I could be mistaken.

Many thanks for your answer.
But I don t get why oopsy couldn’ t as well work in the VM .( you d had also installed Max 8 eval version in it )

Sorry to go a bit off track here @jproqui but did you finally got VSCode debugging?

I’m struggling with that too and would like to know if there’s any particular post, blog or website that really helped you with that.

Thanks so much!

Hi Alex.
Yes I finally got it to work and debug using an STLinkV3 set.
To give you an idea it took countless hours… I don’t even remember all I did, un-did, installed, re-install :wink:
All I can’t advise is not to copy lanch.json, task.json and this jazz from other users on the forum. I think each of them correspond to their own stuff very unlikely to be like yours.
All I remember is I started to see the end of the tunnel when I used helper.py ( in DaisyExamples dir ) to create a project template. Before that I was able to program the seed through command line ( I m using Cygwin on Win 10 ) meaning I had the compiler chain, make, etc… set-up.
By the way now that I have VScode ok the previous way to program through USB doesn t work anymore !!
this stuff is a nightmare to set-up, and I’ m not so far to give up…

Ah, I didn’t realize virtualbox was capable of running windows. I assumed we would be setting it up for Ubuntu. That said, we do have plans on bundling the necessary program binaries into the Oopsy package at some point to make getting up and running a lot easier.

Also related, in the meantime before we get a VM of any sort set up, we are working on adding a wiki entry for debugging via VS Code. The initial version of it should be up on the Wiki repo at some point in the next day or so.

Also, since that isn’t quite ready yet. The following few things may be quite helpful:

  1. If you’re on windows, I highly recommend using the git-bash terminal that is installed alongside git for windows. This is what I use on windows, and I have had no problems doing clean set ups on other machines (Plus 9 times out of 10 you need to install git anyway. So it’s probably already there.)
  2. Again, if you’re on windows make sure to set the terminal in VS Code to git bash (this may not affect all tasks, but definitely rules out issues)
  3. Not all installs of openocd will work correctly. I recommend manually installing the one from xpack since they have a distribution for all of the common OSes and it does support the H7 chip that is on the Daisy.
  4. All of the DaisyExamples projects have the .vscode folder populated, and should be functional. In addition there is a helper script, aptly named helper.py that can create new projects, duplicate existing projects, and add debug files (for VS Code and VisualGDB). For now the script only works on projects in the normal hierarchy of other projects (i.e. seed/ProjectName, etc. )

If you have the initial toolchain for building, a proper version of openocd, VS Code, and the Cortex Debug extension all installed correctly you should be able to open any of the DaisyExamples projects, hit F5 and it should just work.

Some of that is reiterating what @dialectrics just shared from the other posts, but in case it’s not it might help :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using the VSC-built-in Windows Powershell (updated to the latest version though), which has also been working well for development + debugging with VSC and Daisy. i.e. the .sh files the way they are set up now work with nicely with Powershell as well now.

Windows Powershell Link (also found when starting it up): https://aka.ms/pscore6

Here’s a link to the new wiki page for VS Code setup.