DaisySeed object.Init() behaviour

Hey all together,
I’ve got a question about the Init Funktion for DaisySeed Objects.
When calling the function for the hardware it calls the “ConfigureAudio()” function amongst some others. In this function an AudioHandle::Config object is created and the following instructions are called:

AudioHandle::Config audio_config;
audio_config.blocksize  = 48;
audio_config.samplerate = SaiHandle::Config::SampleRate::SAI_48KHZ;
audio_config.postgain   = 1.f;
audio_handle.Init(audio_config, sai_1_handle);

However if I’ve understood it correctly by reading the source code, Config is a struct inside the AudioHandle class. And the constructor for the audio_config Object already initialises these values. So aren’t these definitions called twice as a result?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

I’m sorry for making you wait for a response.

Hmm, I haven’t thought about that possibility.
I’ll bring this up with the team and get back to you once I have a definitive answer! Thank you.