Daisy Seed - oopsy - Use of 'Pin13' not working?

I need some help fault finding my integration of an Oopsy / Daisy Seed project. (Seed Rev5)

The simple test is to flash 3 LEDs when a button is pressed. I have breadboarded this for ease of fault finding.

LED1 is connected to pin13 of the Seed (physical pin14).
LED2 is connected to pin12 of the Seed (physical pin13).
LED3 is connected to pin7 of the Seed (physical pin8).

Using a simple switch designed to flash all leds at the same time I can only get it to flash LED2 and LED3.

Am I not allowed to use daisy pin13? If so what other pins am I not allowed to use?


Solved My own question again :slight_smile:

Looking at my custom JSON file I had

"defines": {

Switching this to ‘0’, im not using midi, freed up the GPIO control and it now works.