Connecting 9v directly to Daisy Seed

*New to pedal board building so be patient.

Can the Daisy Seed be powered directly with a 9v Vin or do I have to step it down to 3.3v so I dont fry it? I building a bread board prototype for an effects pedal so do I just run the 9v power directly to the Vin pin?

I read “Dedicated VIN pin for power (input range from 4v to 17v)” so I just want to make sure before I destroying things. Thanks guys and gals!

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No problem powering it directly from a 9V battery. That is what I did with my OscPocketD! See instructions on how to connect the battery OscPocketD - Portable music tool (sequencing drums and synths) - #13 by StaffanMelin.


Im still having issues with getting the seed powered up. I tested the main voltage on the breadboard and it was 9v. I put the 9v wire to the VIN pin and the ground to the DGND pin and the AGND it still wont power on. Im supposed to be seeing the red power light right?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Here is a look at my breadboard.
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Yes, the red LED should come on.

The wiring looks fine to me. Are you sure you have pressed down the Seed all the way? I remember I had this trouble in the beginning. The legs should be pressed down so far that you can’t see any bit of their metal.

Can you measure 9V on the upper side of the Daisy’s VIN leg?

And just to be sure (and I cannot see it 100% because the perspective of the photo), the 9V goes to the 2nd leg of the Daisy, not the third?

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I got it working now. Pheww! Im using a voodoo lab pedal power for the 9v power and when I hooked up the terminals to a 9v adapter, I didnt even noticed the read out was in negative volts. Duuuuuhhhh! I had it reversed polarity. Its all good now. Thanks for the reply!


Glad you got it working! Now the fun awaits! :slight_smile:

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