Cannot "make" anymore after new GIT pull today

Hi there!

Today I pulled a fresh copy from GIT of DaisyExamples.
( just like I did couple weeks ago, when it was alright )

Now, when I try to compile DaisySP and libdaisy I get the following :

Source/Utility/dsp.h:20:49: error: ‘RAND_MAX’ was not declared in this scope

I had to remove phasor, grainlet, modalvoice… and quite a few modules to be able to compile.

Do somebody have a clue ?


I’ve just built DaisyExamples from scratch without errors. Either you haven’t updated one of submodules, or you have some problem with math.h import in your compiler (this is where that constant comes from).

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Hi @jproqui

Thanks for the report. I have a fix staged for this issue when building using other systems (specifically a CMake build I was working on).

What version of the arm-none-eabi compiler do you have installed, and what OS are you running on?

Hi Stephen !

Many thanks for your answer.

I am using cygwin on windows 10.

In my post on the forum I actually cut the story short :

It was all fine for about 2 weeks , afterI receiced my pod and started developping my project, using command lines,

and programing the seed through the usb and Daisy Web Programmer.

Then I got tired of using the “printnl style” poor man’ s debugger and bought an STLINK-V3 set, and started to install Visual Studio Code.

From that point on I got in trouble:

Though I was in business with VSCode and the STlink ( and thanks also to your script that generates a project template for VSC ), I then started to get:

" Couldn’t determine a path for the index cache directory" from arm-none-eabi-gdb.exe

I could solve using 5.3 2016q1 of the GNU ARM toolchain ( instead of vers 10 2020-q4-major ).

( this a know bug that I saw mentioned on the repo I got the ARM chain from, but sorry I forgot where…)

So I was all fine and happy yesterday, could compile and program and debug on the pod.

Then I decide to start clean and fresh, after all these struggles …, re-pulled a fresh version of Daisy Examples from your git, and boom ! : got the compile error this post is about !

kind regards from Switzerland,


PS now I don t know what to do …

Hi guys !
In case you re still following that I am back in business !
May be did I pull the repo just before you uploaded the fix for “RAND_MAX” ?!

thanks again,

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