"Breadboarding with Daisy" - anybody interested in a "course"?

Hello all,

I’ve got pod, and messed around with the pod a little. Software is ok for me, but I’ve not done much electronics (and am not all that familiar with the Daisy lib).

I would be interested in some kinda ‘getting started’ thing - e.g., programme/course/event/whatever. I am happy to help organise, but would definitely not the fountain of all knowledge.

I’m thinking - get together a ‘component list’ / ‘purchase list’ and then do some weekly sessions.

  • Maybe in the first session you get set up - download some code to the Daisy etc.
  • 2nd session: A ‘basic POD’ (ADCs: buttons, pot, rotary; no midi, no USB, no SD card). Writing software.
  • 3rd session: I2C (display, more buttons, more LEDs).
  • 4th session: processing audio input.
  • 5th session: USB host (I know it’s not implemented yet, but maybe by then it will be).


What do people think? Who would be happy to give some time?


If there’s enough interest here, and we get a little lead time, one could see whether this can be more widely advertised - maybe send it out as a kickstarter update? Could be a way of people activating their Daisys (within the 1,280 backers) or potentially even bringing people to Daisy.

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I think this would be great.

I’d be interested in this too.

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I’d be very interested in this sort of thing

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This sounds like a great idea!

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I’m interested as a student!

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