Binary File upload

Hi Folks

I’m new to the whole Arduino thing (usually use vs2019 e.t…c)

Is there a easy way to upload binary data files to flash?

Yeah - I know can convert my binary files to .h , but I have a fair few files that total to around 7MB, so I don’t really want to put that data into my code build.

Any offical way to do this or any hacky hack hacks?


What you describe (“put that data into my code build”) only works with internal storage, and there’s just 128kb available (including everything else in your patch). There’s some planned solution with data loader in Daisy roadmap - probably in fairly distant future.

Also, my OWL port for Daisy Patch does use that 8Mb for storing data as well as multiple patches. OWL uses data encoded in Sysex for this (as well as bootloader and firmware updates and patch uploads).

Unfortunately libDaisy has a somewhat incomplete MIDI implementation, Sysex handling is missing there too. So even imitating this (i.e. separate patch that handles uploads and another one that reads data from QSPI) would not be very easy.

right - I forgot about the internal 128kb flash - thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

so basically I’m going to have write some kind of comms system to upload to the 8mb - hmmmm
that sucks!!

oh well - thanks for the info!

I could modify this:

and upload a .zip

then decode whatever file entries I like into sdram, big advantage is .zip has a file structure and the compression - could be super handy!

max speed over a usb uart I think was around 90kb/s - 8MB would take around 89 seconds to transfer if my math is correct.

I’m actually working on this at the moment - got most of the core stuff working.

Does anybody know how to put the seed back into DFU mode via a reboot in software?

many thanks!

You can modify this code:

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thank you so much - that saves me tons of time!! I should have this whole thing finished on the weekend - depending on work e.t.c… it’s all going rather to easy to easy at the moment :slight_smile:

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