Best IDE on Mac OS

I would like to seek advice on what software to use the best for coding the Daisy on my Macbook Air? I used Arduino for a while but found the limitation in Daisyduino header which Patch is not supported well. Using C as native would be better I guess but some guidance is required. Can anyone help? Appreciated.

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Well I don’t have a Mac but I like using Geany as my IDE with the ARM versions of GCC and make driven directly from it and then download to the Daisy. If by ‘native’ you mean compiling on the Daisy then that’s unusual but not impossible.

Not that Native I mean as still very green on Daisy and not able to get that deep. Do you have the URL for downloading the IDE?

IDE at :

Toolchain at :

Thank you so much for the guidance.

I’m currently using (on Mac) Visual Studio code + platformio extension + cortext debug extension. I’m still mostly doing make and dfu from the CLI to upload stuff but I expect to fully migrate to VS code (using a segger jtag board) in the next couple of weeks.

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Thx for sharing. Let me try to follow :- )

I’ve got the STM IDE running on Catalina with cloned STlink upload. Not using the IDE configuration but the set up via libdaisy.

What’s the currently (May 2021) recommended route to get a new C++ project going on Daisy Patch with Mac? I suppose I don’t need advanced debugging tools but would need to see some kind of print output. I’ve done a bit of Arduino before and have Visual Studio Code installed. Happy to get other bits of hardware software if that will help. Any pointers much appreciated!

Have you checked out the getting started wiki page?
That will walk you through installing the toolchain and setting up VS Code.

Regarding generating a new project, there is a Python script in DaisyExamples which can help you out there. We don’t have any documentation on it yet, but are working on a new wiki page to cover its usage.

Edit: Regarding documentation, there is a previous forum post with some instructions.