Audio in 1 not responding

I’ve bread-boarded out an (almost) exact replica of the daisy pod and am trying to run the MutliEffect example. My audio in 1 (pin 16) is not responding to any signals and I’m only getting half of the stereo image out.

I’ve tested all of my quarter inch jacks to ensure they are sending signals out and am hearing signal from both, and my outputs are both working as well. Just not getting any signal from that second input.

I’ve tested this out already by:

  1. Switching all input and output jacks to ensure no jacks are broken.
  2. Using the input wire from my 1/4" inputs and touching the top lead on the inputs to see if signal passes from the wire to the soldered lead. Touching input 1 has 0 output.

Relevant picture if you need it:

My development so far has been mono and I found that in0 corresponds to out1 and vice versa. I think it may be a bug. Please see my previous post for details.

I’ll try altering the code and see if I can get sound out. If that’s the case I’ll reply back here.

Yep, no luck changing code around. Still only getting a mono signal out even when changing input code to try and get samples from physical pin 18. This is the same across all examples I try to run where I expect stereo output.

Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time getting the audio to work. The b

  • Are you AGND and DGND pins (physical pins 20 and 40) connected to each other at some point in your circuit? Its a bit hard to tell from the image. If they are not connected you may have intermittent, or odd behavior with Audio and the ADC inputs.
  • When you have signal on the right input (physical pin 17) or which ever one was working for you, and are on the reverb setting do you have any output from the opposite channel? The reverb should have some stereo field for the opposite channel.
  • Have you tried running the bypass/passthru example to validate that the I/O work correctly?
  • Have you tried a different wire. I’ve lost a lot of time searching for problems, and having it turn out to be a wire that got bent a few times too many.

Think I found the culprit.

That was the issue. Seems like that resistor (or cap?) detached at some point. Just flipped it over where it still had some leads in place and soldered to the board. Should be good for a while, a bit of a tight solder.