Answer on loading files in oopsy! (was: OOPSY + other code?)

Hi all,

I am wondering given OOPSY is limited in some respects (only able to run GEN code) can this be combined with other code parts as a lib or other ways?

More specifically - i’m thinking about how can I save/load system states and/or different “profiles”/“sequences” in Oopsy. I would also like to load in audio files so that they can be played back with Oopsy as well.

Any thoughts or help here would be appreciated.


Hi all,

On the slack channel I got the following reply on lading and saving in GEN.

SDcard: using to fill [data] objects · Issue #16 · electro-smith/oopsy (

I have to say, super excited to see this come together!
This is one of the coolest devices i’ve seen for this type of development yet.

Thank you to all who are helping make this happen!