Advice needed on adding external codec

Hello Paul! I’m sorry for the delay. The Seed Rev7 schematic is now live on the product page.

Thank you for the wait!

Thank you, I’ll take a look!

Hi, that seems to be a reduced version - it doesn’t have the codec on there?
Also I see you have removed the field schematic? Will it be back at some point please?

I overlooked that it didn’t include a detail about the codec. I’m sorry about that.
I asked the team about this and they told me that they’re working on a new datasheet that will have a typical app circuit for adding second audio codec. I hope that it will answer any questions that you have.

And my guess is that we’re currently migrating the schematics from the github repo to the product page.

Cheers. The open source hardware is a big draw of the platform so I hope you stick with the policy!

The hardware is not open source, and never was.

Oh I see, does that mean you won’t be making it available again?

All boards which are not the Daisy Seed are open source hardware, so the design files will be available again.
Currently, we are still in a middle of adding all of the design files for some of the breakout products to their associated product pages on our website.

We greatly appreciate your waiting. Thank you.

Thank you @Takumi_Ogata!

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Hi, I’m looking at adding a similar external codec unit for the PCM3060 but have a question: VCOM on the PCM3060 is connected to CODEC_2_VCOM, but I’m not sure what this is? I can’t seem to find any reference to it anywhere else?

I’m really sorry for the delay in response.
VCOM is generated by the codec as a reference voltage. It’s VCC / 2, so in this case 2.5V.
This post explains it well: voltage reference - Why is the Vref of the DAC used in the op-amp amplifier stage? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange.

I’ve also attached a reference circuit from the PCM3060 datasheet that uses it.

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Thank you, that is helpful.

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